Villard Cornec & Partners has the experience and know-how for managing complex cases involving several overlapping practice areas.

  • Business
  • People and Property
  • International
Examples of cases handled in recent years:
  1. International + Business + People & Property
    • defending a high profile French business owner in an international paternity suit filed more than 50 years after the child's birth regarding corporate succession rights
    • amicably settling a highly litigious divorce between an entrepreneur and his 50/50 shareholder wife involving companies and commercial real estate in France and the United States.
    • freezing a French company’s assets and enabling American heirs to obtain their rightful share
    • handling construction problems for foreign clients
    • drafting a prenuptial agreement and managing the estate for the president and main shareholder of a group of over 50 companies in more than 10 different countries, whose property in France is valued at € 100 million
    • appointed by the English High Court as sole forensic expert in a three way dispute between divorcing spouses and the liquidator of the husband’s company, which owned a house in France
  2. International + People & Property
    • international divorce and jurisdiction issues
    • prenuptial and postnuptial marriage agreements (French and common law)
    • child abduction cases involving France and the United States, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Latin America, etc.
    • IAML conferences on the 1980 Hague Abduction Convention treaty
    • annulment of marriages with foreigners or with citizens of other countries
    • international inheritance, succession and estate matters; settlements in or out of court
    • acquisition of property in France
    • personal Injury actions to recover monetary losses incurred by foreign clients (e.g. compensating a Floridian watermelon farmer for his loss of earnings after his involvment in a car accident in France)
    • procedures involving guardianships and trusteeships on an international level
    • setting up trusts (e.g. for a young French heir prior to her wedding with a foreigner)
    • recognition and enforcement of international divorce court decisions in France (including freezing assets and Mareva type injunctions)
    • international adoption
  3. International + Business
    • debt recovery (France and abroad)
    • recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions in France
    • acquisition of French companies and due diligence (foodstuffs, technical, textile, transport)
    • technical disputes in the construction, food, metal, textile, transport and aviation industries (e.g. a € 25 million dispute concerning defective technical equipment in a steel plant in China)
    • international arbitration (alternative dispute resolution)
    • international insolvency/bankruptcy
  4. Corporate + People & Property
    • litigation to void the transfer of shares by a person who suffered a stroke
    • succession, beneficiary and inheritance issues with complex corporate aspects
    • strategy counsel for business owners or key employees
  5. International
    • preparing affidavits, common law certificates, expert testimonies (qualified French law expert)
    • colloborating on a national project financed by the European Union for restructuring an industry in a developing country
  6. Business
    • incorporating and follow up of a business in France
    • acquisitions of businesses and due diligence
    • technical disputes (forensic investigations), in particular for construction and manufacturing industries
    • employment law
    • work contract disputes
  7. People & Property
    • divorce (alimony, child support, compensatory allowances, parental custody)
    • juvenile court proceedings
    • actions concerning incapacitated adults and minors
    • marital estates and division of assets
    • successions, beneficiaries and inheritance matters
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