ABOUT US  

An Experienced International Law Firm

Villard Cornec & Partners has over 35 years of experience in international practice, representing private as well as professional clients, corporate executives and (small) business owners. We carefully prepare each case and take considerable pride in the ability to manage litigation economically, efficiently, and successfully.
Our firm is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys. Each of our attorneys has broad experience in his or her own field(s) and defends clients in an array of litigation matters.

Your International Legal Liaison

Our attorneys recognize the importance of reporting to our clients on cases involving more than one country and are responsive to our clients' inquiries. We believe open communication between different legal cultures to be paramount; we can be your international “legal architect,” overseeing and reporting on the progress of your litigation matters (from) abroad.

Business relations and/or family issues involving very different legal jurisdictions (USA, Canada, Great-Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia and Eastern Europe, Spain and Latin America, Asia) are our specialty. Our strength lies in our experience, knowledge of the foreign language and culture, and a carefully sourced network of contacts in those countries.

In France, the firm's skills and areas of expertise are wide-ranging:
  • Business
    • Starting a Company, Acquisitions, Inheriting a Family Business
    • Legal Disputes involving Building and Manufacturing
  • French Family and Estate Law and Taxation
    • related to Family Businesses
  • International Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Inheritance
    • Successions
    • International Mobility
    • Child Abductions
    • Relocating
  • Employment Law (French and International)
  • Real Property Law
    • Acquiring Real Estate in France
    • Property Transactions
    • Construction
    • Commercial Leases

Think and Act Strategy

We look at every aspect of your case, define a suitable strategy and aim for the right long-term solution for your particular situation. We take a result-oriented approach and are committed to excellence.

An Internal Network of Professionals

With an international case, the attorney-client team with the best network has the upper hand. Villard Cornec & Partners colloborates with law firms from around the world and consults with them about your case.
In addition to counsel and litigation, Villard Cornec & Partners also calls upon a team of highly-qualified professionals to assist clients in the resolution of claims. These include mediators, collaborative law specialists, architects, technical experts and psychologists.
Each member of our staff speaks one or more foreign languages.

Practicing international law is like putting square pegs in round holes, you must adapt.

Outside our area of expertise, or outside France, Villard Cornec & Partners represents clients for other professionals, effectively taking on the role of client for you:

  • finding the right third-party counsel or specialist for your needs
  • monitoring his or her activities, reports and results
  • providing the specialist or counsel with the information required
  • communicating your inquiries to the counsel or specialist

Our clients are just like you, they want a bespoke service at a fair price

Villard Cornec & Partners takes its clients' personal, economic and professional situations as well as their long-term interests into account. We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality legal representation. We advise clients on the most efficient way to resolve disputes and provide consultation on risk management issues. We are strong litigators and effective negotiators.

Professional Ethics and Legal Fees

Our firm offers clients a service tailored to their specific needs, requirements, situation and goals. We view the relationship between attorney and client as primordial.
Our law practice maintains high ethical standards with not only our clients, but also with colleagues, judges and other actors of the economic or judicial scenes.
Villard Cornec & Partners scrupulously abides by the ethics of our profession and the rules of the French Bar Association. Our firm respects client privacy, demands fairness in negotiations and court proceedings, and advocates transparency in all procedures.

Fees are billed according to the attorney, the complexity of the case and the time spent on it, and are based on an hourly rate.
Outside costs incurred are also billed to you. We generally ask for a retainer and further payments as the case progresses.
VAT (Value Added Tax) rules apply if you are a resident of the European Union. The current rate of VAT in France is 19.6%. Non-residents are exempt from paying VAT.
Upon request, an estimate is prepared according to the objectives defined and the amount of work required. A flat fee or a contingency fee is availble under certain conditions.
Disputes over fees are arbitrated by the President of the Paris Bar Association.

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