VILLARD CORNEC & PARTNERS was founded in 1920. Initially specialised in corporate and business matters (as a Comité d’Etude juridique et fiscal), our boutique law firm now focuses on files where the international component is paramount.

The firm is well-known for its experience in solving the variety of issues which managers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, etc, sometimes have to face: business law questions, family and property issues (e.g. complex divorce or estate cases involving a company and / or real property abroad).

We act as legal representatives in connection with disputes before the French courts but we also provide advice in France as well as in an international context.

We pride ourselves in acting as your “user – friendly interface” between the French legal system and yours, for both business and personal issues.

Thus, our experience is valued by benefits international clients (individuals and businesses ) who settle in France as well as by French nationals with interests abroad. Our firm is listed on the website of several consulates. We act alongside with other professionals where appropriate (accountants, specialised lawyers, foreign counterparts, experts, psychologists, mediators, etc.).

Our lawyers

Our lawyers are members of a French and/or a Russian bar, and are authorized to practice in France and Russia. They advise and represent directors, top managers and celebrities faced with personal and property issues, as well as business law questions with an international component.

As we deal with complex international situations on a daily basis, we act as the “interface” between the French and the Russian legal systems – and other foreign legal systems where necessary.