Villard Cornec & Partners is a small independent Paris-based law firm that provides a broad range of legal services.

Founded in 1920, the firm initially specialised in business consultancy. Today, Villard Cornec & Partners has forged its reputation assisting clients in international corporate, personal or property litigation such as complex divorce or estate cases involving a business and/or property abroad. These clients include businesspeople, high-level executives and well-known or leading figures.

Villard Cornec & Partners is dedicated to providing clients with quality legal representation. Our firm is comprised of a team of attorneys who have extensive courtroom experience and the advocacy skills to provide superior legal representation. Our attorneys are adept at litigating cases and negotiating settlements locally and abroad. Our strong point: acting as a liaison between the French judicial system and yours, in both business and private matters.

Our firm is recommended by several foreign consulates. We have the know-how, insight, and leadership to handle your international litigation needs. We serve foreign nationals who settle or acquire property in France as well as French citizens or businesses with interests abroad. We are skilled at sourcing and working with other professionals—accountants, specialists, attorneys/barristers, foreign colleagues, experts, psychologists, mediators—when and where appropriate or necessary.
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